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Drop by the Art Center for RAKU•FEST! They will be firing all day, with snacks provided!

Beginners are welcome!

Call them today at 908.273.9121 to reserve your space!

Led by inimitable Peter Syak and assisted by Lisette Bedoya.

Raku is coming back to the Art Center!

Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4, 9-5pm


Albert Green Pottery Exhibit at the Morris Museum Through June 23, 2017

Animal Totem Workshop changed to July 8th, 2017

Ceramic Sculptor Tina Folks to Present Animal Totem  Workshop

Ceramic Supply Inc.’s Second Saturday in February will feature ceramic sculptor Tina Folks.  A dedicated ceramist since the mid 1980’s, Folks holds a BA from Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY and a BFA in Ceramics from Parsons School of Design in NYC. Tina Fo...</div></article></a><a class=

New York Potter Doug Peltzman Guest Presenter at CSI’s Annual Open House

doug-peltzmanUpstate New York Potter Doug Peltzman will present free demonstrations at Ceramic Supply Inc.’s Annual Open House on Saturday, November 12.  The Open House will run from 10:00 a.m. through 3:00 p.m. at Ceramic Supply Inc.’s Lodi location.  The event will feature discounts, refreshments, and raffles throughout the day....

Judith Schwartz, Ceramics Scholar

nice IMG_0210“Scholar” is not a term often associated with ceramic artists, not even with those who have spent a lifetime expressing through clay.  We tend to think of artists as doers, not thinkers, or perhaps as people who do their thinking with their hands.  For Dr. Judith Schwartz, of New York University, humankind’s most elemental making ma...

Creative Evolution: Tom Radca, Ceramic Artist

Radca at wheel With more than four decades of working with clay, Tom Radca has made a lot of pots. This 65-year old ceramic artist virtually buzzes with enthusiasm about his work. The history of his years as a potter is a virtual creative evolution, as he continues to transform his inspiration and techniques. Ther...

Objective Clay to Give Demonstration at ClayPlace@Standard

Objective Clay is a group of fourteen artists who share a vision to create an online space established and maintained by artists. The space functions as a gallery to view the artists’ latest work as well as a window into their current thoughts in process. By sharing ideas and opening their studios, they invite artists, non-artists, educators, and students to actively engage in their artistic practices. In this virtual studio, the people who love pots can form direct relationships with the arti...

The Crafts Center at North Carolina State University

    The Crafts Center at North Carolina State University Jennifer Siegel, Clay Studio Manager   Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the fastest growing urban areas in America. Voted by Forbes Magazine as the city attracting the most families and the best place for business and careers, Raleigh offers a lifestyle rich in opportunity and enrichment. North Carolina State University is an integral part of the city’s growth, not just in areas like s...

Touchstone Center for Crafts

Southwestern Pennsylvania is an area rich in preserved history that marks the development of the American nation. A region that stood as the gateway to the west in the 19th century and that fueled the industrial revolution into the 20th century, its people have a long tradition of using the materials of the earth to create useful things and to put their personal imprints of beauty on their creations. It was this tradition that inspired the creation of the Touchstone Center for Crafts

Mud Flat Studios

Mud Flat Studio, of Somerville, Massachusetts, celebrates its 40th anniversary of serving the greater Boston metropolitan area with the opening of its new facility, a 3.8-million dollar renovation of the Old Broadway Theatre just down the road from its original home. Mud Flats offers the community a unique opportunity for clay work and play since 1971. As both an exciting, professionally run ceramics school and home to 18 clay artists, Mudflat follows its mission to promote and expand...

Pennsylvania Potters Respond to Humanitarian Crises

Mud and Fire Potters, Little Meadows, Pennsylvania

Greenwich House Pottery, Adam Welch, Director

Ceramic Supply Inc. Welcomes New Repair Technician, Ryan Soper

Walter O’Neill, Educational Alliance

Surendra Rose Horn (Civic Leadership Academy)

Judith Weber

Peters Valley Craft Center

La Mano Potter

The Art School at Old Church

Lee Brozgol: Teaching Artist for the Visually Impaired

Manhattan’s Small Pottery Studios: Chambers Pottery, Mud Sweat and Tears, Supermud Pottery Studio

Clay Art Center: Lee Taylor Mickelson, Executive Director

Michigan Potter Fires with Green Energy: Khnemu Clay Studio on Fernwood Farm

Lakeside Pottery Ceramic School and Studio Morty Bachar and Patty Storms, Proprietors

Transformation 9: Contemporary Craft Raphael Prize Exhibit