Talking Through the Vessel
Chris Gustin will present a workshop at the Wayne Art Center in Wayne, PA on April 2 and April 3, from 10 am. through 4 p.m.
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Gustin discusses the workshop:
Throughout history pottery has displayed countless imaginative variations using the basic elements of design. What is it that makes a good pot? Why do some pots command attention, beg to be used, or hold their visual presence years after their making? Why do others get relegated to the back corners of the cupboard, quickly forgotten? Understanding design, and how to creatively use it with our work, can help us understand the answers to some of these questions. 
This workshop will focus on the underlying formal and organizational strategies that exist in all pots. Dealing with both the functional and sculptural concerns of pottery form, we will explore the architectural nature of the vessel. Line, proportion, geometry, ratio, scale and volume all play a role in the final pot. How these relationships combine to create structure, metaphor and meaning in pottery form and decoration is the foundation for great pots. 
I will use the time to throw and build some pots, using both wheel and coil building techniques. The work that I make will be used as a conduit to get to this discussion of geometry. I will use drawing as a way of discussing how the parts of a pot make up the whole, with geometry, proportion, scale, volume, and gesture all playing a role in the final piece. I will also use drawing as a tool for visualizing my ideas, illustrating various ways in approaching one’s work as well as showing how the formal elements of pottery and the relationship to the human figure connect. 
I’ll present a slide talk in the two-day session about my work, influences, etc.
Wayne Art Center
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