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Aqua Resin Powder

Price: $20.00
Item Number: ARS34
This is a container of S3 Powder 6.6 pounds. The Aqua-Resin� L/S3 system provides fiberglass laminating and gel/surface coat mixes in which the L Liquid Component and S3 Powder Component are combined in simple proportions by weight or by volume. Ratio By Weight: Mix 1 part L Liquid to 2-3 parts S3 Powder Ratio By Volume: Mix 1 part L Liquid to 1.5 to 2.5 parts S3 Powder LAMINATING & GEL/SURFACE COATS The pot life � 30 to 120 minutes � is variable, as are other properties, simply by adjusting the quantity of powder within the recommended range. Extra powder will: increase hardness and stiffness, decrease flexibility and set time, and decrease beta. Less powder will: decrease hardness, increase flexibility and chip resistance, increase pot life, and beta, and facilitate wet-out of the fiberglass.