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Kiln Sitter

Manufacturer: Dawson

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The KILN-SITTER is a mechanical control that fires your kiln by the TIME and TEMPERATURE method of heat treatment using a small cone or bar. The cone or bar, after being exposed to the proper time and temperature, softens and bends to a predetermined angle, shutting off the kiln. Your choice of cone or bar, proper KILNSITTER adjustment and tube position determine when the kiln will shut off. The KILN-SITTER requires very little attention but may need an occasional adjustment check and replacement of critical parts such as the tube assembly, cone supports or sensing rod. Frequency of replacement depends on the type of firing being done, type of clay used, venting and the moisture content of the pieces being fired. To insure that your KILN-SITTER is properly adjusted, we suggest you follow the instructions on the following pages and test fire your empty kiln with the KILN-SITTER before you do anything else.

Small size cones or bars are used on KILN-SITTER: Orton Bars were especially designed to function in the Dawson Kiln Sitter. Same results as small cone centered in Kiln Sitter. The uniform shape makes consistent placement easy without affecting the firing.