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Amaco Texturizers are lead-free texturizers that were developed to help artists expand their color and texture palettes by modifying their existing glazes. Many special effects can be created by applying a coat of texturizer over or between glaze coats. Amaco recommends testing Amaco Texturizers first on a test tile or sample. Pieces should always be fired to the recommended temperature of the glaze being used. TH-1 High Fire Texturizer — This is a rutile-based texturizer that is recommended for high fire, cone 5–6 glazes. In superposition (overlaying of glazes), TH-1 tends to produce a yellowish/orange, crystal-type texture. It yields excellent results when applied over most Amaco High Fire Celebration, Sahara, and Potter's Choice glazes — yielding interesting and surprising colors and textures. TH-1 is also useful for "fixing" glaze defects by hiding the defects underneath a new color. TL-1 Low Fire Texturizer — This texturizer is recommended for use with low fire, cone 05 glazes.
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